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Frontera's Research and Intelligence Marketplace (RIM) is the world’s first online marketplace for high-quality research in emerging markets.

Today's emerging and frontier markets (EM/FM) now comprise over 50% of the global economy, and are expanding at a rate over twice that of developed countries.  A presence in emerging markets is now a necessity for any expanding business, or a diversified investment portfolio.

Yet that rapid growth often brings other unwanted factors -- volatility, elevated political and market risk, and higher levels of uncertainty.  Local expertise is not just advantageous -- it is a critical requirement.

Frontera operates and thrives within the world's fastest-growing economies.  Our news service is a trusted source for thousands of business and investment professionals who rely on us for unbiased and objective analysis in the regions where they work, invest and live.

And in turn, we rely on hundreds of local market experts who have very deep experience and contacts in their specialized fields.  Many of these experts publish premium research on political risk and market trends -- often in real-time.  This reporting is invaluable for the expert's clients -- but until now that research has been difficult to obtain.

Our Research & Intelligence Marketplace changes that, and brings a wealth of customized and focused research directly to you.  Frontera's RIM delivers this world-class research on one unified platform.

Your Indispensable Source For Business In Emerging Markets

  • Political Risk
  • Terrorism & Threat Reporting
  • Organized Crime
  • Geopolitical Analysis
  • Industry & Competitive Analysis
  • Real Estate Development
  • Market Entry
  • Country Reports

Frontera delivers business news, investment research, and political risk analysis on the world's frontier and emerging markets.

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